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Marbella Water Sports

Marbella Water Sports – if you fancy some activities on the water when you’re staying in the area then there is plenty to choose from. The fact that Marbella is located right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and runs for over 30km of shallow water beaches (the Med is not tidal so the water is always in the same place) makes it ideal to try something. Marbella water sports operators cater to all abilities, ages and levels of exercise from renting yachts to water parks, lakes and rivers (not just the sea).

Water-skiing is an older and more traditional water sport, dating back to the 1920s!  Times have moved on though and there are some state of the art facilities available in more secluded areas for while you find your feet.  Water-skiing doesn’t mean being pulled along the water in front of a beach full of spectators.  There are much more private ways to learn. Try Cable skiing in San Pedro de Alcantara.

Wakeboarding is along the same line but with a more modern twist as you only use the one board instead of two skis.  It’s what snowboarding is to skiing, but in the water. Again try the wakeboarding centre in Marbella.

Banana rides are a fun group activity and are idea if you’re in Marbella as a family or in a large group such as a hen or stag holiday.  It’s a fast and furious ride where the only skill you need is to hang on, and a great memory to look back on.  It’s also a perfect water sport to tie in to a visit to the beach.

Jet skiing is like motorbiking on water, where the landing is most definitely going to be a bit softer.  This kind of activity is regulated and so you will be asked some general fitness questions, but generally it’s open to anyone.  There would be age restrictions to this, so it might not be a suitable Marbella water sport for everyone. Try the Jet Ski Centre in Marbella.

Scuba diving happens all along the coast with over 100 dive sites near Marbella – see their local Marbella Dive Centre.  From deep off shore reefs to the wrecks and caves, there’s a number of different dives for all levels.  As well as the playful dolphins that like to accompany the divers, you can also keep an eye out for turtles. Gibraltar has clear waters and is a great place for wreck diving plus you see dolphins daily most of the year.

Flyboarding is a unique experience and images of James Bond spring to mind as you see people take off and fly, propelled by water jets.  Maybe one for the adventurous, it’s amazing to watch as much as to do. Try Red Fly Marbella.


There truly is something for everyone and there are plenty of suggestions for Marbella Water Sports online on how to choose the best activity for you.