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covid-19 and villa rental

COVID-19 and villa rental

We are delighted to be so busy at the moment helping clients to find their perfect last minute summer holiday villas in and around Marbella. It seems that people are definitely preferring to stay together in small, protected groups rather than at larger busy hotels.

But what is being put in place to protect villa guests against COVID-19 and villa rental changes by owners that will help to give peace of mind to people arriving this summer?

All our villas are following Government and local guidelines in how they operate and clean villas, linen and procedures for guest check in. This also applies to staff when at the villas.

But some villas are also going to extra mile, and making huge strides forward in guest protection.

Two examples are the gorgeous 10 bedroom Villa Dela and 6 bedroom Villa Lara both in the exclusive El Madronal estate.

The villa owners have employed a super cleaning regime that is hard to beat and invested heavily in new equipment for the long term.

• The villa has been fully protected with anti-microbial coatings on frequently touched areas such as door handles, chairs, A/C remotes, buttons/light
switches.  This kills germs instantly

• Before client arrival & at departure all rooms are sprayed with electrostatic silver nano spray which kills all germs 99.9%

• The above procedures speed up arrival and check-in plus cleaning times of both villas

• All clients are presented with the top Grade A CE/EU approved washable face masks on arrival (use at the villa is optional but Andalucia now requires everyone to wear masks at all times when in public except when eating and drinking at a table)

• Gel stations are set up at entrances and various key points

• There are anti-bacterial floor mats at the entrance to the villas

• Electric hand dryers installed in all toilets

• All linen & towelling washed at 90 degrees

• Terracotta tiles have been sealed around the villas for easy mopping

• Antibacterial air filtering units with UVC light are available on rental basis for clients that would like them

• All staff have passed the Junta de Andalucía Covid-19 awareness and procedure test

• At check in all guest temperatures will be checked, no names are recorded but for any higher than normal reading a second reading will be made the next day as a follow up

• All staff at the villas wear face masks at all times on site, keeping a commitment to the best practices available against COVID-19 and villa rental / guest safety