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Tapas in Marbella

Think Spain, think tapas. And there are so many fantastic choices of tapas in Marbella and the surrounding area. Not just traditioanl Spanish tapas but fusion tapas with contemporary Japanese and Asian influences. And there are annual tapas festivals in many towns along the whole of the Costa Del Sol that are well worth a visit or to plan a trip around.

What is tapas?

It’s a far cry from the meat and two veg of Great Britain. Tapas involves a wide variety of appetisers or starter style food. In many places in Spain, tapas were traditionally considered a small snack that people would eat in bars before their dinner or at lunchtime at the weekend. However, with people now eating out and later, it is common for people to order a whole meal of tapas to eat at a time and to share.

Tapas can be hot or cold, and ranges from simple dishes such as marinated cheese and olives or a platter of cold meats, to dishes such as fried shellfish, flavoursome meats and a range of different croquettes.

There are many restaurants serving tapas in Marbella. Some bars even serve tapas free with a drink.  We can heartily recommend a bit of ‘tapas-hopping’ – trying a wider variety of tapas by trying a different dish at a number of different restaurants and bars, giving you a more diverse culinary experience.

Some of the best tapas in Marbella can be found in the older regions of Marbella. Acro Tapas Bar is as popular with the locals as it is with the tourists, and despite Marbella tapas being very much a tourist ‘must do’, you will often hear more Spanish here than English.

You need to book as due to the popularity you might struggle to get a walk in table. They offer a wide range of foods including meat, fresh fish and seafood, and vegetarian options, as well as a tempting looking cocktail menu.

If you’re looking for something by the sea, La Bodega del Mar (translated literally this means the wine vault of the sea!) is a safe bet. A bit more touristy, it has an excellent reputation for having something for everyone and is family friendly with high chairs available. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and this restaurant offers a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea as well.

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Photos from Pixelbay and Tripadvisor.