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Weather marbella showing sun and sunset and lightening

Marbella weather

Marbella is a year round holiday destination. It is also a place that many people choose to relocate to permanently. One big influencer on both of these activities is undoubtedly the Marbella weather. This area has a wonderful year round climate and over 320 days of sunshine on average per year.

Marbella weather annual average temperature

Marbella enjoys an unusually pleasant micro-climate bringing marvellous weather. This is due to it’s position with the Mediterranean Sea and beach to the south. Behind it to the north is the Sierra Blanca mountain range. The predictably mild Marbella weather means it is generally a truly fabulous sun-trap. 

The graph below shows the usual temperatures in degrees Celsius across the year. In reality in the last years, the team at Luxuryvillasmarbella have seen that the winter months are getting warmer and drier, and summers hotter. 

Marbella weather bar graph showing average high and low temperature by month

Marbella weather - what to wear?

Whilst the Marbella weather is quite consistent in the summer months, in winter it’s a little more changeable. So when packing for a trip, you’ll need to have clothes that cover a few more scenarios!

The summers are short, warm, humid, arid, and mostly clear so rain is very rare. Daytime and evening temperatures are still classed as “hot”. The winters are long, cooler, can be windy and partly cloudy with many days of warm sun.  Some days and nights there is light rain. We recommend to bring shorts and hats and of course sun screen in summer. A t-shirt and shorts or warmer sundress are OK for many days in winter, between 11-3 pm. The mornings are chilly until the sun heats the air. And after 3 pm temperatures start to drop again. You may need a light jumper, cardigan or wrap for winter nights.

The graph below shows the mean monthly precipitation over the year in Marbella.

Marbella weather graph of average monthly rainfall

Marbella weather in summer

In 2023 the Costa del Sol finished the best summer in history with a 30% increase in tourism revenue.

There were over six million tourists who enjoyed the destination between June and August. They contributed more than 8 billion euros into the local economy. The UK was the strongest market for visitors to the Costa del Sol, followed by France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Whilst Malaga has seen a surge in popularity, Marbella retains it’s position as the prime resort on the Costa Del Sol.
If we look at May 2023 as a snapshot month, the city’s hotels enjoyed an astounding 75.89 % occupancy rate with more than 300,000 overnight stays.

The weather in summer is almost always just sun, sun, sun. In the summer months, the average temperature in Marbella is around 28°C (82°F) during the day and around 20°C (68°F) at night. However it has been known to get into the upper 30s and early 40s on some days. 

Tables and chairs in Orange Square Marbella with sunshine

Marbella weather for golfing

Marbella is a famous golfing destination all year round.

In many countries in the northern hemisphere, winter means less golfing time. Rain, fog, frost and even snow can put a stop to play and golf course conditions aren’t as good. But, there’s no reason to stop playing when Marbella is just a short flight away. With the right clothing made of the right material you don’t have to worry at all.

The Marbella weather in the winter makes it a much favoured place particularly for those coming from very cold destinations such as Scandinavia. Luxuryvillasmarbella.eu have been busy finding golfing villas in Marbella for clients for over a decade.

Golf course in Marbella with La Concha mountain view