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Hen do Marbella

Marbella is synonymous with a luxury lifestyle, flash cars, exceptional designer shopping, sunshine, beach clubs and of course a vibrant nightlife. So it’s the perfect place for your hen do Marbella.

And what better place to stay than a luxury villa with it’s own private pool. A place to be together, enjoy fun times, cook and relax with your family and friends.

Possible osbtacles to your hen do Marbella

Whilst there are thousands of villas for holiday rentals in Marbella, finding one for your hen do might be more difficult than you think. 

1) Not all villas accept a single sex group. Many villa owners will only allow rentals from families. This can limit your options.

2) Some villas have age limits so will for example only rent to people over 30, so if you’re a younger bride and the majority of your group is under 30 then it can be tricky.

3) Weekends – many villas won’t rent for weekends but require a 5, 6 or 7 night minimum stay. This can also reduce the options available. Even if villas rent for a weekend, the price is often not much less than a full weeks’ rental.

4) If you’d like an individual bed each, you will be disappointed. Most villas have most bedrooms with double beds. If you don’t want to share then there will be less villas that could work for you. However we DO have some villas which have a lot of single beds (twin and triple bedrooms) as standard and others where the owner would be happy to put in some extra single beds and linen into double bed rooms.

5) Marbella is almost 30 km long and stretches 9 km inland. Not everyone knows this. So if you plan to go out to Ocean club or nightclubs of Puerto Banus which is in the west but stay in east Marbella you could be 25-40 minutes away by taxi. If you want to go to Nikki Beach club and the stunning dunes and beaches of Cabopino you’ll be fine to stay in Las Chapas or Elviria in the east of Marbella. Here you can see a map of the areas of Marbella.

Finding a villa for your hen do marbella

Bored of searching through listings, not knowing if the villa will or won’t rent to you?

You can make it quicker and easier if you let us know what you are looking for and we can advise which villas in our portfolio would be options for you.

Information we need to make the search most effective :

– dates

– any flexibility on dates

– how many people in your group

– your age range

– your preferred location 

– your budget

– minimum number of bedrooms needed

– whether you can share a double bed or need a particular number of individual beds

Get in touch. See what we can find for you!


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