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group accommodation Marbella

Group accommodation Marbella

Looking for group accommodation in Marbella? Maybe for a stag, hen, birthday party or wedding? Or you just want to bring a group of family and friends together?

We have so many great options for group accommodation Marbella.

Villa Vee – sleeps 24, a fantastic stag and hen venue available for weekends see more

Villa el Palacete – sleeps 30, a huge venue for any gathering or a weddings see more

Villa Bella – a luxury villa with infinity pool, for that special occasion see more

Villa el Cid – a slice of the millionaires lifestyle for up to 25 people see more

Villa el Cano – just an incredible, opulent, stunning villa with sea & golf views see more

Villa Rica – a wonderful property with big gardens for up to 19 people at a great price see more

And we have even more options on group accommodation Marbella. Just enquire today and let us help.