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Flights to Malaga

The 98 days of the State of Alarm end in Spain on June 21 and with that news we are very happy to say that flights to Malaga will restart and the villas are open again for business. The UK, once of the major sources of international tourism to the Costa Del Sol, has not been omitted from the relaxation (well, abolition) of the 14 day quaratine that was previously in place. Visitors from the UK can now fly to Spain with only the same precautions on entry as all travellers. The Spanish Government and airport authorities are planning to implement a 3 stap virus testing regime to try to ensure those with possible symptoms are sent for further tests before entry is permitted.

What does this mean for Luxury Villas Marbella clients?

In accordance with the laws and new statutory requirements of villa operators, there are new health and hygiene protocols in place at all villas. Please ask if you would like to see these. This is to ensure the safety of all guests.

If you have already booked and your flights have not been cancelled, the option to have a refund is now no longer available from most of the villa owners. The terms and conditions of the rental contracts have to be adhered to in all but the most difficult of cases. Our owners are very communicative about solutions for clients but it would be difficult to have a case for Coronavirus affecting a party booked into a villa for September 2020 and wanting to cancel.

And what are the airlines doing about flights to Malaga?

We took a quick snapshot of flights to Malaga leaving from the UK airports on July 7th 2020.

There seems to be a lot of choice and flights at great prices.

There are other restrictions in place still in Spain for when masks should be worn and social distancing. Before you and your guests get on your flights to Malaga, please ensure that everyone is aware of these to better protect health and avoid fines.


Flights to malaga