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100+ reviews

We have updated our website to include over 100 reviews for ourselves and our properties.
Luxury Villas Marbella have been working in the Marbella area in holiday rentals for over a decade. The parent online marketing company has been registered in the UK at Companies House for over 16 years.
There are unscrupulous scammers that operate in all high value rental markets. We work very hard to build trust with our clients and to have visible practices to reassure anyone worried about renting a villa.
Options are always available to choose from, such as
We have recently added a REVIEWS page to our website where we have collated many of the most recent reviews for properties and ourselves. You will also see on some of the villas a REVIEW tab in the blue section, where you can read property specific reviews.
All the villas in our portfolio operate slightly different booking and rental procedures, which we go through with guests. There are many services we recommend for safe and cost effective money transfers when paying for villas. However whatever the property we take great personal care to assure you of their validity and trustworthiness.